Stripes all round

This little cute little stripy skein of yarn was the yarn I spun at India’s house, I actually had no idea everything was so blue and stripy until I downloaded some photos, take a look.

Knitting, there has been a little, I have finished the crossover cardi, it took me longer to sew it up, than it did to knit I am sure and it still needs a piece of ribbon and a button, for that I need to be brave and go into the depths of the sewing room, maybe later.
So next is this little stripy jumper in cotton cashmere.

I also knitted another stripy shawl from more Natural Dye Studio sock yarn,here it is on a piece of wallpaper, I like it but it may be a present, I do have more sock yarn for a couple more and it is fun to knit.

Well, I managed to paper the toilet walls all by myself,more stripes, which is a bit of a task in itself as there is no room for the steps in there, as it measures a princely 1m by 1.5m and standing on the toilet seat on tip-toe did not quite make me tall enough to reach the corners.
So needless to say there was much cursing.
Jake and the dog hung out in the bedroom safely out of my way, Jim in his wisdom went off to work early, I am sure he later discovered that this was not a good move, he has been paying for it ever since!

The weather is a little strange in that we have had alternately pouring rain and then fab sunshine, very weird, so we have stripy mountains.

Next up is some sewing, I have washed some fabric to make a dress, it is stripy, just not blue. I just need to find the table underneath some things that as yet have no home, this is the problem when you have an apartment with no storage space and too much stuff/crap.
Happy Sunday…..

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