I want this, but where would I wear it?

It is cold and rainy and all thoughts turn to autumn/winter clothes, well for me they do, especially as most of my clothes are STILL in a box… shock, horror, I need a new wardrobe before I open any more boxes.
They are well packed so therefore if you open them to look for something, they NEVER shut again and stay in the bedroom spewing a muli-coloured collection of strange looking items that just can’t be thrown out.

Anyway I was searching for a coat pattern, which I have not found, no idea what I want, just know that when I see it I will know.
Chances are it will be Vogue or McCalls, something that is not available here and the time delay from ordering to arriving, will mean that by the time it gets here, I will have moved on to something else!!

No knitting photos as the camera battery is dead and its too wet and dark anyway, photos tomorrow……
This is a very late saturday morning sky, but the sun was shining, so worth looking at.

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