New Toy

So I gave in, after much debate, some whining and moaning, yes that was me. You see there was the little problem of the lack of birthday present last year, which really hadn’t been resolved, and its not like it was new, and it is kinda cute, and I had to have it cause I so wanted to be able to produce this.

Well, except I want it to be better, a lot more like this.

So between ravelry, which is making me realise how many projects I do have on the go, and spinning, there really isn’t a lot else going on around here.

Two boys are back on Friday, so really have to finish up their rooms, pronto.
I can’t wait to see them, it seems like such a long time and I have missed them a lot. It is very quiet with only one boy home, one who happens to be pretty self contained and happy to do his own thing, reading, football, chatting with his friend online. As long as there is food in the fridge he is happy.

Which leaves more time to spin, though I do want to sew a new dress and I did find homes for all those things that were hiding the table top, so no excuses……

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