Guess what?

When driving around at the weekend, looking for wallpaper for the toilet, which I have to say is very exciting…not! I really wish I had shopped in the UK, so far everything I have found is old and boring…anyway, I drove passed this….

..can you guess what it is going to be, yep, an Ikea, I have to say looking a little bit out of place, all blue and yellow in amongst the green, but hey, it will save a trip to lyon, almost an hours drive and almost 20euros in tolls, pity its not open yet as I really need two new beds, never mind, roll on October.

After my spinning lesson with India, I came back home and unearthed a cheap spindle I had bought a while back and decided to have another go. It was great, I am really hooked, only problem is I now really need to have a wheel. I am having a little problem with an ebay seller and I HATE this kind of conflict, I hope it gets sorted soon as its making me feel very sick.

Anyway this is my new yarn, cool huh? The stuff on the right is my second attempt. Don’t know what kind of fibre it is, as I had bought the roving from Fyberspates to do some needlefelting with as I loved the colours, its a little scratchy, but I like it, probably won’t knit anything with it but I can look at it.

More unpacking on the agenda, still need some storage stuff in the kitchen, wine rack etc. Need to make curtains for the boys rooms and hang my bedroom and the living area curtains. The living room/dining room has 10 window panels that measure about 5m total or just under, so for winter I need HUGE curtains, for now I just have cotton panels for each one, simple and light, but I don’t love them so they won’t last….

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