The first thing I notice when we drive back to the UK is the colour, granted the places that we stop off to visit friends are notoriously wet and rainy.
I kinda like the rain, as long as its not too cold and I have to admit that staying in on a rainy day to watch a movie, is my idea of heaven.
In saying that I absolutely hate driving in the rain and we did have reasonably dry, if not sunny weather when we were home. I was really slack in the photo taking department when I was away, I do think I have to invest in a little camera as my Nikon D50 is a little on the large side for handbag carrying.

We arrived at Dover and had the shittiest drive up through England ever, we managed about 40 miles in 3.5 hours on the M25. Being in a hurry we didn’t stop to visit anyone on the way up, I did see some fab sky pictures but the camera was packed in the boot of the car, good planning there!
Also the grumpy/crabbit person was driving so there was no chance of stopping to retrieve it, there was hardly time to stop and pee!

My first stop as always was a walk on the beach with this lovely girl,

guaranteed to blow the cobwebs away and make you smile.

Then of course there was much more green at Lochgoilhead, like this

and this

The knitting really is in short supply around here, I did finish these for Jims Dad.

And have 1 monkey finished and the other not cast on yet.

There are a couple of baby things in the wings, hanging around, so when I clear a space I might get down to knitting, though I do have curtains to make as the neighbours can see in, not good!

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