Stash removals

Remember when you are buying, wool, fabric, beads and stashing them all over the house/apartment, when you are moving they all have to come together somewhere, somehow and right now thats a pretty scary prospect!

We think we have a new apartment which is near enough to not need a removal van, so the fun/packing commences. I might take this opportunity to document the wool that lives here OR and this is more likely, I will just take the biggest box I can find, throw it all in there and unpack it when everyone is at work/school. The slight problem is the severe lack of storage/cupboard space, trip to Ikea anyone?

The other problem is the 70’s kitchen tiles, these I really think I am just going to work with, so to add to the fabric that lives here already, I am on the hunt for some very 70’s retro fabric with orange in it, any ideas, and the nearest Ikea doesn’t do fabric so thats out!

I unearthed a patchwork project the boys and I have been working on for my niece for about, cough: ahemm, 3 years, so when you are working on something from a pattern, DO NOT pack it away without the pattern, otherwise you will be forced into doing one giant fabric jigsaw and then having to listen to other peoples opinion about said jigsaw as they step over pieces to re-arrange it.

So I think we are about done with it, just needs to be put together…..another day.

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