nothing happening

There is nothing going on around here except apartment hunting, no sewing, minimal knitting on a plain sock for car and bus journeys and waiting around and thats IT!

I saw 2 apartments today, one is fabulously gorgeous and is downstairs from me, it is TOO small and the other is bigger and has a teeny wee room for sewing and the decor is ICK. 70’s yellow and brown tiles are never going to make a comeback in my book, so can I live with them short-term? It is empty right now so we need to decide, like, yesterday and I can’t. If I take it we have to move in 2 weeks, I can’t pack my stuff in two weeks, never mind a whole house……

Moving on, I bought some wool when I was away, well you all knew that, I was shopping with Yvonne, how could I come back empty handed.
Silkwood sock yarn in yummy purples.

This was a present from Yvonne and is Silkwood angora bunnyfluff, soooo soft, thank you.
More later……….

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