When I was gone, the tech person in this family decided that our computer needed upgraded, I really am not computer savvy, so I like things to stay the way they are. This computer is not even one year old and I like the programmes I use to stay the way they are! HA!
So since I have been back I have spent lots of time wrestling with things that either don’t work at all or are completely different.
Each morning I sit at the computer and have a video chat with my Mum while we drink our coffee, its a very nice “ME” time and I love that with my bluetooth headset I can get up and find my knitting and answer the door etc and still chat.
It of course is not compatible now, the new headset is clunky and for some reason that no-one can figure out the mike doesn’t work with messenger but does with skype!!
I have had to re-sign in to everyones blogs in order to comment and the new programme to download my photos doesn’t allow me to do stuff I like doing! So needless to say I am a little “annoyed”.

Knitting- not much achieved here this week at all and its Friday already, these socks got toes at last they are my first picot hem and they are a perfect fit. The wool was a gift from Heather, who needs some commiseration on gauge issues, so go on over and say hi.

I started the second sock for my brother, here is the first one and I was sweating while finishing up the first as I had just 10″ of yarn left, phew!
Wispy is still in the London bag as I made a mistake while chatting at Libertys and have to take it back a bit.

I saw a big apartment yesterday but it was fuel heating, very expensive, no double glazing, old windows and the owner is apparently a pain to deal with, there was no park nearby and no garden and only one parking spot. It did have fab big rooms, high ceilings and enough rooms for the boys to have one each. I’ll keep looking.

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