Embroidery is something I have done little bits of and I do enjoy playing around with thread or silk ribbon every now and then. I am not very good though and its just as well I like the rustic look.

This is Jamies latest project from school

and a close up.

Its very cute and he did want to give it to my niece but I am tempted to frame it, he may never choose to embroider something this cute again!

I had a fabulous day out watching the boys and Jim climb, we did get a little lost finding the wall and ended up walking straight up the mountain for a bit, which did nearly kill the very unfit among us, mostly me.

This is the view from the top so it was kind of worth it.
Turns out the wall was about 200m from the car in the opposite direction and not UP!
Someone was playing with my camera when we were out so I did end up with a couple of hundred pictures of various views and rock crevices.

My baby ended up tied to a tree for some of the afternoon as he decided that straight down might be quite good to try out!

No news on the apartment hunting front, I have one maybe two to see tomorrow and then we have a meeting with our landlord on Friday, which I am not looking forward to. I have no idea what else she wants me to say I am trying my damnedest to find somewhere, so we can move before the heat hits and maybe we will still get to go on holiday too.

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