I’m back

Well I had a fabulous time, the princess was sick poor baby, so it meant she had to stay home from school and play instead. Which did mean she didn’t want to go to school on Thursday but she was better and I had a date with a knit/shopping friend and a meet up at Libertys to go to. I had a busy day and had a very quick mad dash around Stash and found some yummy stuff of course, pics later when I sort out the camera.

I got to see the yellow socks in their natural environment

and I knitted my fastest pair of socks ever, 24hours for this pair, well they are only small, they ended up being worn with the purple crocs too, to complete that hippy chick look!

Today is a public holiday so I am off to watch my boys do some outdoor climbing. I am hoping the sun comes out though or I may be very cold. Jamie is staying home to do some sewing, his latest project from school is very cute, I’ll share later, but I am very impressed.

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