Its snowing

At last there is some snow on the mountains although I can’t see it right now as the cloud is so low. All the skiers were getting a little worried as the slopes were supposed to open a couple of weeks ago and really the weather has been very warm. Today is the first really rainy cold day we have had for a while. Apparently the weather in London is to be cold and wet too, so have to pack warm weather clothes, of course my bag is all packed and ready for tomorrow….not!

Well there is one project I have to take as I have finished the pinafore part of the pressie but the cardi is still some balls of wool unfortunately!

Yesterday I got a lovely surprise in the post, my birthday present from my brother and sister-in-law and it came in this box and I love it, the guys in this house need to take note……..

Yesterday one of the Grenoble Knitters left us to move back to Oxford, so anyone who knows of an Oxford knitting group let me know and I can pass it on. So at the Knitting Bee cafe we had a little champagne celebration much to the delight of our waiter, who really thinks he is getting a pair of socks sometime soon, he needs to join the queue…

So I am off till Tuesday, see ya….

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