I’m back

I’m back, had a fabulous time in London, did some bead shopping, had tea at Libertys, did some shopping at Bluewater, had tea and cake with Yvonne, went to visit Santa, haven’t done that for a few years! Went Orla Kiely handbag shopping, book shopping, chocolate shopping of course and last but not least did a little food shopping for the essential, sausages, cranberry sauce and mincemeat. I unfortunately did not make it to Stash this visit, which is a bit sad, I did not get Malias cardi knitted as I cast it on, knitted a few rows and it was way to big and I didn’t have time to do the maths and fix it there, so the wool came home with me. She loved her pinafore and tights and we managed to find a top that met with her approval, so that is good.
Now I have to get this christmas thing all organised…..

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