Attention Newbie Sock Knitter at Large

This little man, got himself out of bed early to do some knitting before school, this is very early as he leaves to catch the bus at 7.20am. Aahhh, but take a look at what he is knitting, this is Jakes first project on dpns, his last knitting project is still unfinished as he became a little disillusioned at the amount of counting he needed to achieve the look he wanted. He wanted the front of his jumper to be all cabled and it was really a little to much, when really all he wanted to do was pick it up and knit away, without thinking and counting!
He is enjoying knitting Fetching, he says he likes knitting on small needles AND he wants to know if this means he can knit socks! Absolutely it does, I think we might need some more sock yarn for christmas…..

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