Red add yellow…..

add turquoise add purple makes…
really ugly wool. Jake had a lot of fun with some
aran wool and some kool aid one day, but I am really not
liking knitting with it. The combination of the wool and
the metal needles is very squeaky! What do you think ugly or not?

Its very dark here today so the pictures are not fab, these are the beads I was working with today, though I have made a few pairs of earrings too.

My mum is nearing the end of her second sock, they are for my brother for christmas (last year) so we were talking about a new project for her, I suggested she knit a pair of Fetching. She likes them so has printed and laminated the pattern ready. She has terrible arthritis in her hands so can only knit a little at a time. I need to look for bamboo needles for her as I am sure they will be better. There is no wool shop nearby, when I was a teenager there were at least 3 decent sized wool shops in town and one in the village where she lives, now nothing, its terrible.
Off to search for needles, tomorrow I am definitely writing my christmas list, promise.

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