Today Jamie is 17, Happy Birthday babyhow did that happen, only the other day you were a cute little boy.

So as is tradition in this house the birthday boy got to choose cake, Jamie of course thinks he is still 5 and gave along list of cakes he wanted to have that got whittled down to just 4.
So yesterdays baking session produced, the above fairy cakes, chocolate chip cookies, banana cake and chocolate fudge cake, can you see a little theme here. This child is a complete chocoholic sugar junkie, though right now at 6’1″ he can get away with eating his own weight in cake!!

In the search for a photo, I realised that most of the photos of all 3 boys there is at least one of them making a face or doing something to one of his brothers or dressed up. I seem to have spent a long time with one or other of my children dressed as a superhero or the occasional fireman or cowboy!
In recent photos of Jamie there are a huge amount of grumpy faces, so one of the wedding ones is all I have with a smile.
He asked for chicken risotto for dinner so I must get to it, I am looking for a volunteer to chop the onions though….

My Mum received the needles and the ball of Noro I ordered for her on Thursday, it arrived on Saturday morning, great service as usual from Getknitted. She was very chuffed to get a parcel as she has been a bit unwell so a little cheering up was necessary.

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