I’ll do it tomorrow

Yesterday someone told me how long it was till Christmas, I am now kind of freaked out, so freaked out you would think that I would have worked my butt off today, making stuff for my christmas markets and at least made a list of gifts. No, I didn’t, I went to bed to nap.

I had plans to do lots of stuff, dig out fabrics, cut out bags, make some bracelets that are sitting all ready to go, nothing. My husband is home for dinner tonight, a rare occurrence, did I cook something nice, no, nothing…yet! I did spend a lot of time working out how I could knit a jumper for Barbie, top down instead of in 4 pieces like the pattern, I gave up, it was making my brain hurt too much.

I think this is actually quite normal for me, I think that the more things I am supposed to be doing, the more things I actually spend time doing or thinking about doing and achieve nothing.

I did sweep half a dog from the floors today, the warm weather/heating combo is making the dog shed hair like crazy, though tomorrow I do have to clean as I have a friend dropping by in the afternoon, she is a friend of the clean house/no children variety and the state of my apartment might completely shock her.

This is yesterdays earring pile, there needs to be more, tomorrow okay…..

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