What a day….

Yesterday started off in a quiet unassuming way, I walked for an hour with the dog and my friend and her dog, Hi Clare!
I went home and beaded for a while and chatted with another friend. I then beaded while chatting online with my mum, Hi Mum.
I then got ready and got ready to drive into the city as I had heard on the news that the bus and trams were on strike. The normally 15 minute journey took about 35mins, it was chaos everywhere, cars jumping red lights and blocking roads.
I thought it was worse because it was lunchtime.
So I knitted and chatted for a couple of hours and planned my route for picking up all 3 boys at different schools. Only one of them has a phone so he was the only one who knew that I was coming to collect him, so it was always going to be hit and miss whether I got them all.
When I left the cafe the city was grid-locked with traffic, complete chaos, one driver jumped a red light to cut in front of me, had no place to go so just blocked my entrance onto the main road, so then I was blocking the traffic from the other direction.
Driving in Grenoble centre is sometimes pretty hairy, but when something goes wrong and everyone is in a hurry its a complete nightmare.
A journey that should have taken me 15mins took 45mins so then I was late to try and catch no2 son. Jamie spoke to the kids outside school and Jordan had left already, presumably to walk home. It is a pretty long walk about 5.5km.
So then I had to fight back through the city centre to get to the bus stop where Jake catches the bus home, we got there eventually and there he was, totally oblivious to the chaos, just waiting, got to love that laid back child.
So then the search was on to see if we could find Jordan in the chaos. No chance, then of course we got stopped at every red light, there are lots, at every one there were only room for one or two cars to get through. By this time my little old car was having a little trouble, it was a bit overheated and was really not happy. The thought of breaking down on the main boulevard surrounded by traffic was terrifying me, so I prayed all the way home.
Got there okay, no Jordan, this is about 1hr 20mins after he finished school. I called all his friends no-one saw him leave, he didn’t walk part way with any of them, nightmare. He finally showed up very tired, 2 1/2 hours after leaving school, he had apparently waited around for 1/2 hour then headed off home, poor boy.
So there was a little knitting, some beading so pics later when its light enough. Today I am not leaving the house.

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