Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-16

  • morning @DyeSpinKnit did you get time to measure a skirt for me? :o) #
  • Morning, dull and wet today, some sewing then cupcake baking with one of my favourite girls :o) #
  • How on earth do visitors to this country get to see a doctor if they are sick? #nhs #
  • Tutu or hat? #
  • Had fab cupcakes from @flamingobakery this weekend. #
  • Morning, sore throat, sneezy and running a temperature, I don't have time to be sick this week :'o( #
  • Not going to knitting as now I have stopped I need more meds and jammies, need to be well for tomorrow, get to see my 2 gorgeous nieces #
  • Morning, cold meds and ginger tea, a few hours then I get to see my lovely brother and his family #cantwaitsoooooexcited #
  • Wish I had tea and toast before I left the house, starving now 🙁 #
  • Morning @theyarnyard the batting arrived, thanks, remind me, do I wash it first? #
  • looking for a new business mentor, business advisor can't find me one………… :o( #
  • Morning, my favourite girls are on their way home to NY, had a fabulous weekend, I miss the already. #
  • Morning, shopping for fruit for knitting bee, then cake baking, first drop @DutchCrumpet off for the bus, back to school today….yeah! #

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