Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-09

  • Absolutely freezing, am running out to see @indyhairdesign then some sewing needs to get done #
  • Beautiful sunny day here, but freezing! #
  • Just picked the dog up from the groomers, he smells nice and clean but is sulking! #worsethanchildren #
  • am wondering why boys tidying has to be accompanied by really, really loud music? #
  • Need someone to write my to do list as am feeling a bit headless chickenish today and haven't achieved anything! #
  • Anyone got any recommendations for craft/public liablility insurance? #
  • Need to cook some apero type tasty things for ladies night at the rugby club, what to cook? #
  • went to get hair done at @indyhairdesign, now off out to have cocktails #
  • Currently knitting with Sirdar Fizz, wonder if my niece will appreciate the torture I am undergoing ;o) #
  • koshkajean someone in my house plays that, not me though ;o) #
  • French knicker lace @theyarnyard @justgerri #
  • Morning, some low GI cooking to do then am off to Glasgow to visit the Little Bird Market #
  • Bit windy and wet in glasgow #
  • No clean cups in starbucks in buchanan st using paper ones, would have taken away if I wanted paper #majorfailstarbucks #

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