Well its almost spring, still cold but the sun is trying to shine.
This is last February’s Spunky Eclectic Club roving, Think Spring colour, its South African Fine, it measures 310yds, it probably needs to be socks as I don’t do yellow 😉

This is my Natural Dye Studio orphan Ishbel, by Ysolda, I did a couple of extra repeats added on to the small size, it measures and weighs 144g. I like it and think I might knit another one.

Just finished is a cardi for my Mum, it needs blocked and sewn up, I think I might just make it in time for her birthday on the 31st but don’t hold your breath, I do love sewing up………..not!

Some sewing next, though I am waiting for our new iron to be delivered as the current on fried itself. I also need to get the owner to come and check out the electrics as I am sure there is something not right with them, we had to replace the televsion recently too, hmm………

Lastly, for the last night of the panto we had a little fun quiz, we took an old photo, added a speech bubble and had to guess who everyone was, here is mine, taken on Irvine beach 1968 🙂

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