Fibre from Babylonglegs
There has been a little spinning going on after a little break, where I just wasn’t feeling the love, I actually think it was the merino that was kicking my butt that did it. So anyone have any ideas on how I can spin merino on my Louet S10 feel free to jump in because last months Spunky Eclectic fibre was the softest organic merino and I don’t want to waste it.

I also need to remember not to use the same Vaseline I use on my lips, on my wheel, this morning I wiped a smear of vaseline on my face before stepping out in the cold and got a big piece of fibre on my lip, not nice 😉

So last year I spun yarn for a specific project and recently finished knitting it.
Here is my 28thirty in Icelandic and BFL both by Amy, I love it and its perfect for our freezing cold weather.

I even have some fibre on my Ethan Jacob spindle, it is spinning the finest singles ever but how long is it going to take me to spin 2oz of fibre on it?

More knitting news, I recently lost 2 pairs of socks, they developed big holes in the bottom, so new socks for me are on the needles but according to no3 these two don’t make a pair, personally I quite like them 🙂

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