Guess what

Guess what arrived with the postman this morning, no, not my HK order silly, this

yep, this is the xmas parcel I sent from Scotland, it apparently couldn’t be delivered on the 7th Jan and they left a notice, my brother says not and then they shipped it back to me on the 1st Feb, by the slow boat of course. So now here is the thing, do I try again to send it?

Cobblestone is a big black hole and is driving me crazy. I took the unfinished Cobblestone with me when we went away for a few days. Easy knitting, round and round and round and round and its not getting any longer, for 3 whole days it measured 12″, I need it to measure 18, its my own fault for having a tall husband!!

When I was away I did knit a pair of socks for a 5year old, her new wellies were a little big, so they were a necessity, she then had to be prised out them to be washed as they were soooo comfy, it is nice when your knitting is appreciated.

The vogue cardi is coming along, I didn’t take it with me as it involves counting, pastis/holiday/lots of people and counting don’t really mix too well.

My brothers birthday socks got started too, he chose the Trekking colour from my Ravelry stash photos, I did buy it for me but I am letting him have it, I am not really short of sock yarn, funnily enough!

This came too this week, its some yummy Wollmeise sock yarn, the only problem is that I might have to hide the purple one from my brother ;0)

The weather is still not very Spring-like, very wet and still cold, perfect knitting weather, if only everyone would go back to school/work and give me peace ;0)

I must finish this sock, I am posting it here so that I HAVE to knit it, soon…..

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