Have you seen this Juliet?

Last seen wrapped in red shiny christmas paper and packed in a PO box along with another parcel containing a lovely dolly and new clothes.
If you see her please let me know, she did of course have the buttons attached and black crotcheted button-loops, thank you.
The xmas parcel is still missing so I have started on a new xmas knitting for my sil. I couldn’t find yarn I liked for another Juliet so I decided to knit this instead. I am knitting it in Plassard meri-cach8 which is handwash only, sorry A, but is lovely, though does not like being frogged too much…..

The other knitting includes these socks from my handspun, they will be sent to my Dad as apparently they feel a little TOO woolly! Who knew that my guys had sensitive feet…..

I still have one sock to finish for my mum, I knitted the first Monkey ages ago but can’t seem to get into any kind of rythmn with this one, soon Mum I promise.
I have been sewing and have some new t-shirts all ready just to be ironed. Jamie has just to sew the buttons on to his designer-copy shirt, its very cute. We bought some fabric to make a couple more, I think he is going to cut them out today.

Today I am going to do a little laundry, ironing and then some more sewing cause the sun is shining at last. It is still freezing but there is hope that spring will soon be here.

I am still nagging to get my not received order from Hipknits resolved and there is a thread about it on Ravelry here. I am hoping it will be sorted soon………

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