C is for


one of the very first things I like to do, no matter what the weather, is to walk along the beach at home. I have to say when I visit it is usually very windy but it still has to be done.

When coming in to land at Prestwick the pilot was giving us a weather report and said it was a bit breezy. I don’t think so, its either calm or blowing a gale, I don’t think we do breezy on the west coast.

This picture worries me a little as this used to be all sand and now there is an awful lot of rocks showing and all the sand is gone!

D is for

dogs of course, here are some pics of my very favourite labs, it is a shame that Jonah and Nelly never see each other. She is such a character, I am sure she would prod him into action. Here she is chasing some pesky seagulls, one of her favourite pastimes.

And of course who cares if you have a dirty face, its fun to dig!

And a small reminder that dogs are NOT allowed on the sofa 😉

I apologise for the lateness of this post, yes I finished Juno, photos coming right up and I bought a little yarn in Scotland and I will be right back…..

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