just keep knitting……

The 2 x 2 ribbing of Juno is coming along, I really want to wear this cardi when I go home in a weeks time, so far I have done the fronts and back and about 1/4 of a sleeve, think I will make it?

I do of course want it to match a skirt and t-shirt that are not yet made, the skirt in fact is still a little idea bouncing around in my head and am not sure how I will go about it. Of course this is not really a problem is it??

I am enjoying being away from home, except for the lack of sewing machines and bits and bobs, like a ruler and a niddy-noddy, well I can’t pack everything, I only have a little car and it was full of boys and dog!

The dog who lives in the house has abandonment issues, so I have been trying not to leave her for too long, so far she has eaten a plant and sicked it up on the doormat. Emptied the bin as I stupidly forgot the child lock on the cupboard one night AND stole and ate 1lb of cheddar that a boy left on the table……cheddar is a rarity and a much loved treat, so she was in the bad books that day.
Not sure if she shared it with Jonah or not, he wasn’t telling, apparently she had cheese breath and he didn’t but I wasn’t getting that close.

I don’t have any photos of current wips, I have washed and dried my december Party Dress fibre and boy is it bright, next up some lovely green batts for someones birthday.

I will leave you with some photos of parcels that arrived recently, this came from Amelia in exchange for a skein of yarn the same as the one she lost.
Gorgeous stuff, the lip gloss is particularly yummy and the bath thing smells divine.

This is from Jacqueline in exchange for swapping dye lots of some other yarn,

this was my thank you and its just my colour, there was also a box of amazing truffles but they didn’t make it into the photo as I had to hide them, they were of the non-sharing variety! Thank you both very much.
I’m off to get back to the dogs and the knitting, more soon……

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