Only weather

I am distracting you with some weather pictures as there is nothing else going on here. This is the last morning I will have this view of the Chartreuse from my bedroom, my new view is of Chamrousse, I think.
I might be offline for a few weeks as even although I am actually only moving to the next block but one away, my new internet/phone connection is going to take about a month, that’s right, 1 month with no internet. ick!
The moving is mostly done, right now I am in the old apartment, with computer, which is good, but no coffee machine,which is bad, I do have a kettle, but no teabags.
So I made my coffee in the new apartment and walked over here with it. Luckily I didn’t meet any of my neighbours, take-away coffee is an unknown here.
I bought 4 dress patterns, which arrived yesterday, they are the reproductions of vintage patterns, 3 from 1957 and 1 from 1960, so some dress sewing is definitely on the cards once the boys leave for Scotland.
My Mum and Jake left on Wednesday and unfortunately got held up at the airport due to technical problems, so my poor Mum spent 12hours at the airport here and then they had to spend the night at the airport in London to catch the first flight to Glasgow, nightmare!
I hope that doesn’t happen to the boys when they are travelling alone.
Okay, I am off to finish packing…….and dream of finding some knitting time, or even my knitting!

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