I dislike packing, I really dislike painting, I hate grouting, as for cleaning, its downright bloody awful.
I have no nails left, no time to knit or sew and someone took ALL my knitting books away first, so I can’t even have a little planning session, to figure out my next project.
Is it possible to have creative/craft withdrawals? The only knitting I have is the hanging around, plain jane stockinette sock and I am on the 3rd one BUT its sooooooooo boring.
I have also finished, finally the birthday cable sock, with the HUGE mistake in it, the first one is still in London, it had a huge mistake so the second one had to match. I did think at the time it looked a bit funny but I had no time to check it out. That’s what you get when you don’t print the big colour picture for the pattern and you don’t knit it on 2 circs as per the pattern!!

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