Bonne Fete de Maman

It was mothers day here yesterday, so we had presents, flowers, chocolate cake and strawberries, and of course an I.O.U for a t-shirt that is going to be made for me.
I have no idea where he got the idea that IOU’s were okay for presents….must stop teaching my children bad habits.

In order not to have a re-run of the christmas fiasco where no-one ordered my requested book, I did indeed go ahead and order them myself, so here they are in all their loveliness, as yet they are free of any post-it stickers, but there is still time before they make it into a box.

There is bad news though, Jamie was not allowed to do his work placement with me, just to clarify, it is compulsory they spend one month working in the alteration/sewing business to complete their year, when it comes down to it I would rather he worked with me, passed this year and moved up, than his other choice, which is leave school and find a job completely unqualified. Lots of chances there!
It is a shame as all my friends have already told me they will gladly bring all their mending/alterations round. These are jobs I usually say a polite no to, I would rather make a new pair of trousers than replace a zip!

My other bad news is my copy of Interweave is lost in the post, not that I need distraction or a new project, so you all have to stop making cute stuff like this, I REALLY want this.

A really bad picture of my lovely flowers, sorry Jord……

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