It’s June

No really it is, though you might have trouble recognising it from the weather we have been having. Storms, freezing rain, wind and snow at 1500m. I of course in my wisdom, well it was May and sunny, have packed all the winter coats etc, so we had a mad dash one morning to find where they were. We have no heating as it is communal and turned off at the beginning of May and on at the beginning of October. On top of all that I have caught the cold and need my hot water bottle which is packed somewhere! So here we are nice June weather in France.

No knitting time, or sewing or anything else I have been packing sorting and trying to find a job placement for no1 son, so not easy.
He has decided if he doesn’t find one he is leaving school, so I am kind of desperate. Desperate enough to suggest to school he could stay home and sew for a month.
Which I have to say is not an ideal solution for lots of reasons, least of all we are moving in the middle of the month, second I love him dearly and he drives me completely insane.
On the up side I think he might learn more and feel more fulfilled if he sews for himself rather than spend a month learning how to do repairs and alterations. School are considering this as an option but it has to be approved by his sewing teacher, I really need to be a business, qualified, blah,blah,blah!!
Of course I can teach him how to replace zips and hem trousers too but I do feel he has to realise that what he has is a talent and not everyone can see things how he does, or put things together how he does. School is so negative and I’m afraid its pulling him under.
Oops forgot to say, thanks for all your comments I haven’t got back to anyone and I apologise, sorry.

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