Matilda Jane went to a Party

At last MJ has buttons, all 8 of them, ribbon, the right amount and I had somewhere to go to wear her and my skirt, so here we are

and the back, sort of, the photographer is rubbish.

Only problem was MJ was having such a good time at the birthday party she refused the first offer of a lift home, which meant not getting home till 2am. Which in itself is fine, the boys were all away, Jim was at work, except I had volunteered to look after our friends 4 year old, who is adorable but she arrived at 7.15am, lets say lots of tea was needed before I was up for the 5 hours of sticking, cutting, beading and sewing, we did make a princess dress, complete with lots of sparkle, she had fun, now I need a little nap!!

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