swaps are the best

A while ago when I posted about chocolate, Jacqueline and I got into a little discussion about chocolate and tea. She suggested that we do a little swap later this year, when her weather got cooler and before my weather heated up too much for the transportation of chocolate to be a bit dangerous. I have to say Jacqueline went way overboard with my package, I can’t say what is my favourite part of this package (I love it all) but one of my favourites is this.

My very first tea-cosy, isn’t it cute? I have been saying for ages, I need to make a tea-cosy, either knitted or sewn and just never got around to it. Now I have my very own crocheted, lovely cosy. I am going to buy a new teapot for it, as mine is a little tall, I need a shorter , fatter pot, I think.

The package contained so many goodies, including some fabulous yarn from here, that hasn’t decided what it wants to be yet.

Some amazing chocolate, cadburys that I have never seen and some Haigh’s, including chocolate frogs and Bilbys.
So thank you so very much Jacqueline, I love everything. I hope your box arrives soon.
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