People say the funniest things

Our recent visitors on being offered some chocolate chip banana cake with a cup of tea asked ” Is banana cake the same as carrot cake?”
It took me a minute to process this information, I am just glad I wasn’t drinking tea, as someone else might of ended up wearing some of it,I know I stood with my mouth open for a second, just thinking of the answer.
” Well, em that would be a no, you see carrots are orange and a vegetable and bananas are yellow and a fruit!”
“Yeah apart from that is it the same?”
” Well, em I suppose they are both CAKE!”

The same visitor asked at what point you know to drive on the other side of the road, when you disembark from the ferry in France???? We did ask that she never try to drive over to visit.

The other day Norma wrote this post that reminded me of something that happened recently.

Jake had an assignment to do for english, he asked me for some help,
“Sure, whats the question?”
“What was it like when there was rationing during the war?”
I know I turned 40 but please……
“Em, I don’t actually know but I can help you search the internet if you like”
“No our teacher doesn’t want that, she wants us to talk to people who remember”
“Well that’s kind of hard as even your Granny wasn’t born till 1947!”
Anyway Granny did come up with some information and Jake and I had a little chat to make sure he did know when the second world war actually ended. He did but for some reason thought it was something I would remember, must do a little work on his maths skills I think!

My boys think it is totally bizarre that Jim and I grew up without video, for a few of my teenage years we had no phone, when I was small we only had a black and white television, shock horror!
Jim’s take on it is, if we wanted to meet our friend we walked to the park to see if they were hanging out there, if not we walked to their houses to see who was home. If we wanted to meet up after school we made arrangements, at school.
It is completely alien for them to be without phone or computer access ALL the time!
I have to admit to limiting their computer time, their phones have a limited amount of money but still, it would be so easy for them to NEVER do anything else, nothing practical, nothing creative, nothing physical. Its kinda scary that if we wanted to we actually never have to leave the house……

There has only been a little knitting going on here, a week or so ago I cut my left index finger,(my knitting finger), it needed a plaster(band aid) but was okay, then it started to feel a little sore, then I started sock knitting with a small circular as I couldn’t buy new sock needles in Scotland and the ones I ordered are out of stock!
So when I was complaining of having a sore knitting finger, someone actually had the audacity to suggest that, wait for it, yep, that I STOP knitting. I think I might have looked at him strangely as he then said that I should just stop breathing instead!

I was certainly glad I had my sock knitting with me today as I waited 30mins to have a piece of fabric cut then another 20mins to pay, I did suggest that their waiting/queueing system needed a revision as we all know that the french don’t know how to wait and queue!

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