Whirlwind weekend

Well the weekend started off with breakfast in Grenoble on Friday, then a quick flight to Prestwick, where I did spy a crowd of kilt wearing Rugby players, someone had requested I bring them a tall, dark Scot back with me but honestly none of them were worth having, I did look for you though!

Lunch at this hotel, I had a haggis and cheese panini and it was deeelicious, I brought haggi and cheddar home so the boys could try it.
Hit a few shops including a quick trip here, then it was back to my Mums for sausages and mash, yummy. My Mum who is a fabulous cook was quite disgusted at my choice of menu but sausage and mash is one of my fav dinners and I miss British sausages, so I got my way, as usual!! Thanks Mum!!
Saturday was up early to catch a train to the SECC for the craft fair, where I met Yvonne, Heather and Minnxy, I have no photos though. I bought not a lot, a couple of pieces of fabric for skirts or pinafores for the princess as she has decided she can’t wear trousers anymore!

Yarn, I bought Sublime Kid Mohair to knit this cardi, the silk aran was a pressie from Yvonne and the sock yarn was a pressie from Heather, both are gorgeous and for some reason all my yarn matches, must be my spring colour that I had no idea I had chosen.

This I bought on Friday, finally a ball of Trekking, it might be my brothers next socks, I think it is suitably mad colours for him.

A couple of books came home with me too, though unfortunately no addi’s or sock needles to be found, so a little order from here is winging its way as we speak.
So Saturday was a fab day and I spent a lot of it with my friend Margaret which was very cool, I don’t have pictures of her new yarn stash which is a pity, maybe she will take one and share with you.

Sunday saw me looking like this, not exactly elegant is it, freezing on the beach with these two girls, I am wearing ALL the woollies I had with me, my Mum’s jacket and really needed some earmuffs, it was perishing, blowing a gale and I loved it, I miss the beach so much and love it in all weathers.

Visited family later and did some boy shopping, found all manner of different easter eggs, which I hid when I got home and will have to re-hide as they found them. Weighed and re-packed my bag umpteen times so that I was not over the weight limit, been caught out more times than I like to remember with excess bag charges! Left home at very early dark arrived at the airport and the lovely young man at the desk, never even properly weighed my bag just pushed it through, sheeeesh!!

So arrived home to a lovely tidy, sparkly clean house, and all the shopping done, which was a joy…..

you do know I am joking don’t you, oh good, the dog was sulking and hadn’t eaten all weekend and the fridge had something REALLY stinky in it and the kitchen floor was REALLY sticky but they were all alive and weren’t too bothered that they had eaten leftover pizza for Sunday lunch, I wonder why I bother cooking then!

I posted in the comments in case I don’t get round to, or can’t answer your comments, I am going to be busy finding space to put my new stash! And I have finished a couple of things too, yey!

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