Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-24

  • Feeling poorly, @HereSadgasm made me coffee with hearts on, aaawww #
  • Drinking Sweet Chai tea, watching The Killing and trying to finish knitting a Leftie for my nieces' birthday, only about a week late so far #
  • My leftie with 27 leaves and grumpy jo! #
  • Morning, patiently waiting for it to be exactly 8.30 to start trying to get through to the doctors surgery……….. #
  • Apt for doc got for tomorrow in super speedy time, 4 mins, only took 32 calls to get there :o) #
  • my printer keeps insisting on printing documents as if on10x15cm paper, its driving me crazy! #
  • Thanks, just recurring sinus problem that I really need refered to hospital for but am a scaredy after last time :o( #
  • Morning, the sun was shining for 10mins, its now very rainy, dog swim for Jo this morning, sewing, lunch, doctors, sewing for me, exciting! #
  • Right, coffee is needed and the next person to P me off is getting it, don't say I didn't warn you!!!! #
  • Dyson blockage turned out to be nerf gun pellet, a piece of wire and a load of dog hair, wonder whose room that was???? #
  • This sinus infection is kicking my butt, taking the dog for a swim has worn me out, I'm more tired than him and I wasn't swimming #
  • I get to be sick for another week because the receptionist made a mistake with my appointment, absolutely marvellous! #
  • casting off my leftie, only 30 leaves as I got bored :o) #
  • Leftie cast off, 30 leaves, wash and block tomorrow then in the post to my niece, now a hat to cast on 🙂 #
  • countdown to the 8.30 deadline for calling the doctor……………….. how many phone calls will it take? #
  • Next Thursday I will be hosting a fundraising coffee morning as part of the MacMillan Biggest Coffee morning,… #
  • Coffee morning at Irvine Sports Centre ( the rugby club) Thursday 27th Sept 11-2pm, come along and donate to a… #
  • surrounded by meds, tea cups, knitting and sewing work, need to tidy a little I think :o) #
  • having a clingy Labrador is worse than having a clingy toddler, think he is feeling the cold, must sew velcro on his new coat for tomorrow #
  • Morning, what to bake for the café today? Brownies? Victoria sandwich? cookies? #
  • Okay brownies it is, pics later! #
  • Faith shoes giveaway every Friday #debenhams #faithfriday @Debenhams #
  • Brownies baked, they smell amazing!! #
  • Brownies at the café this afternoon, will be there from 12.30 for some sewing, see you there #
  • Brownies! #
  • managed to slice my finger and nail with the rotary cutter at work today :'o( #
  • Am thinking chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel icing would be good, need to find a recipe or work something out #

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