Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-17

  • Having spent an exhausting day walking round Glasgow and catching up, I am soooo glad there are some leftovers for dinner :o) #
  • #
  • Todays cake was blueberry buckle, it was really good! #
  • Morning, I am so glad I am not someone who does the school run in my jammies, car broke down, clutch is gone, had to walk home :'o( #
  • Gorgeous colour #
  • My car broke down, very happy I don't do the school run in my jammies and for once I wasn't wearing slippers! #
  • prepping to teach a beginner knitter this afternoon, can't wait to see how she gets on #
  • First knitting! #
  • Now the telly is broken, just checked to see if today was the 13th! #
  • With no car and no telly, wonder how much more work I will get done this week? #
  • So now I have no telly, no computer, no power on my ipod, so, just plain old knitting it is then! #
  • Waiting for the tv repairman, better be cheaper than the car to fix :'o( #
  • think I need to look out my sheepskin boots its a little chilly in here but I am NOT putting the heating on yet #
  • Morning, windy but dry here this morning, cookie dough made for this afternoon, chocolate and black pepper, yum! #
  • Today there will be chocolate and black pepper cookies in the café, I will be skirt sewing and working on some new bag designs. #
  • Todays custom order skirt #
  • Just got given this machine but can't find any date info on out, anyone know anything about jones' #
  • Very True! #
  • So @Booyakamesaki is home for the weekend so mac and cheese for dinner 🙂 #
  • Glasgow School of Yarn 2012 – Timetable and Booking Info #

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