Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-28

  • 'Martha Stewart Holiday Magazine 2005, Cookies Special Issue' by Martha Stewart via @amazon #
  • Todays cake 🙂 #
  • Someone broke a glass and left a piece in the plughole in the sink, I found it when cleaning the sink, its hard to sew with a cut fingertip #
  • Hmmmm, elevenses of a gingerbread latte and a toasted fruit muffin, photos next today. #
  • Small box project bag by andsewtoknit via @Etsy #
  • Small box project bag by andsewtoknit via @Etsy #
  • Photos done, shop done, more sewing now, a little sunshiney tote. #
  • Little sunshine tote for the lovely summer weather we are having #
  • Haven't been able to by @TheKnitterMag at my local @UKTesco for the past few months, searching for a copy is getting old! #
  • Chocolate chip cookies to be had with your morning cuppa today, drop in with your sewing or knitting and see what we are up to. #
  • Had to post a Rowan mag to the US to @SparkCrafted yesterday, £10.40!!! RM your new pricing sucks! #
  • Morning, was planning a trip to Ikea but can't remember what for :o( #
  • Morning, another beautiful day, sewing some pretty tote bags early so I can sit in the sunshine later #
  • Don't shop when you are hungry, olives and Hoegaarden, fillet, prawns, salmon and mackerel on the bbq, cost £5.43, still no the knitter mag #
  • right thats it, I thought I could watch Eurovision and laugh but I just want to throw things at the telly! #whatelseisontelly #

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