bad blogger

I have no idea where the last few weeks have gone, things here have been nuts, people sick, people off work, working stupid shifts etc, etc, my normal routine is all to pot.
So very little knitting going on, as I overdid both the knitting and the wirework when I was beading and as a result have a bit of tendonitis.
I am currently knitting just a little at a time as it still hurts, though not as much.
I am so behind with xmas shopping and really am not in the christmas spirit at all.
I have nothing for no3 son, poor boy and the knitted monkee he asked for still only has one leg!
I did manage to find this for no1 son, yes it is his, though I have had a little play with it and I think I might just love it.
It is very old and was a complete ebay bargain from an extremely old lady, who was very sad to see it go but happy that someone younger was going to love it.
Jamie not me ;0)

And I finally went out wearing my coat at the same time as someone else was home to take photos, he is of course the worst photographer in the house and this is really the best one out of about 30 photos.
I have been wearing my coat loads as it is freezing here but no snow.
I do need a hat though.

Hope you are all finished your gift knitting, I will be by the time I leave on the 29Th, I am sure.
I now have to go and plan food, I asked the boys to help, so they used up a whole pad of post-it notes in about 7 different books and it looks like I am supposed to make 29 different kinds of cake!
I’m off to have a little catch up with you all, tchao…..

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