The first snow

We have snow, isn’t it pretty.

The sun coming up this morning.

There has been a little more sewing, though not enough, so its still not finished, its getting there veeerrry slowly.
Can you tell what it is yet?

What about now?

The colour is much more purple than than the photo looks. I hope I like it when I am finished!

Knitting, just a little on some xmas projects, socks etc.
I quit knitting the boring baby blanket because the baby girl we were expecting was a lovely baby boy called Zachary and I am sure he wouldn’t like to have a pink blanket.
Jamie got to see his new little cousin before he came home on Sunday, he is completely smitten with how tiny and gorgeous he is. He was very pleased with himself because he managed to get the baby to sleep on his chest and still carry on playing a game on the x-box! Boys!

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