Walk with colour

One of the places I walk Jonah regularly, is a wild bit of the local park, you walk through some gates and instead of the neat trimmed grass and flower beds you have swampy pond with bull rushes and all sorts of things growing wildly and very interesting smells for this lab to investigate.
This week it was full of colour, take a look.

The seeded Bull rushes look a bit like fibre, or maybe I have been spinning too much lately!

Excuse the blurry dog pic, he was moving too fast and having too much fun to stop and yes that is a big bit of slobber on his face, hmmm nice…..

this is my belated Dogs on Thursday, as I forgot it was Thursday yesterday, that is what happens in the school holidays, you have sooo much fun that you forget what day it is, have a fun weekend…..
more photos on flickr here

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