Good morning, good morning

The sun is shining, hoorah, hoorah, its the holidays.
We are very excited its the school holidays, the last couple of weeks of school seriously kicked our butts,
I for one, am so glad its over and I don’t even have to go to school.
Well except when summoned but lets not talk about that.

So the thing is, did you know that stress makes you start lots of new projects and not finish any, seriously it does.
So where to start, lets see, so this gorgeous roving from Natalie

became this.

and its finished, yeah for FO’s, problem is he thinks its a girls hat and a bit tight, thats okay one of the boys loves it, my DH definitely doesn’t deserve knitting, woolly things are TOO warm and here was me thought that was the whole point!!

The gorgeous roving from Maylin became this

and this

which wants to become these, soonish as its getting a little chilly here.

If I am knitting you a xmas present don’t look here, or here.

I am boring myself to death knitting the boringest ever baby blanket, here.

Some silk from Jen became this

some alpaca and beads became this, so soft and squishy, thanks Jen.

There are also a couple of things that have been started and frogged and a couple with no pictures, I am hoping to get more organised in the holidays, well as organised as I ever get.

I am glad to say my parcels to Isabella and Rebecca made it safely, though the Royal Mail strike has eaten one of mine AND it had sock yarn in it and there is a little space in the drawer, just for it!

I think I have to start my xmas list, I MUST have this, so am searching for the perfect thistle yarn, problem is, I think I need to see the yarn in person, so if you see perfect thistle yarn, let me know, okay, thanks, tchao.

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