Its all pink

A pink flower to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have been doing my bit, gently prodding all my friends to double check, book mammograms etc. So go on, do it today…

More pink, these feet are wearing anklets, handknit by me, in one of my first handspun yarns,

this fluff

became these.

Please excuse the terrible blurry photos, the weather was awful, I am sick with a horrible head cold and terrible sinus pain, so bending over was very painful.

Being sick did mean some knitting time, Juliet is finished, no photo as I have decided to give it as a xmas gift. I am now deciding if I want to knit smaller versions for my nieces for xmas, it is very cute.
We are on a serious gift budget this year as we are taking an unplanned trip to Scotland to visit family.
Jim’s dad is halfway through his chemo for cancer of the esophagus, it is very hard to deal with something like this, when so far away, especially as the decision to visit is a financial one, if only money was no object…….

I do have 3 nephews to give gifts to, not sure if they would appreciate anything knitted, any ideas anyone? They range in age from 15 to 8.

Off to drink tea and knit……

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