Fruit Salad…and Dogs, as it is Thursday.

This week I got a yummy box of fiber from Jen and decided I needed to have a play around with some, so this, which reminds me of Fruit Salad sweeties,

became this

spin and add some beads when plying to get this

unfortunately that is as far as the creativity has taken me, I have no idea what it wants to become, any ideas?

I am knitting like crazy to finish up a pair of socks for my neighbour he hunts and has a house in the country somewhere, so for the past couple of weeks I have been receiving lots of lovely stuff, pears, plums, fig and walnut jam, very yummy, pumpkin and a huge piece of Boar. I have never cooked Boar before and it was fabulous. He didn’t know I knitted socks till he popped over with some stuff, his wife then told me he had been considering buying a pair of hand-knitted socks as he was feeling the cold. So they will make the perfect thank you gift and I know he will really appreciate them, always a plus!!

This is Poppy, she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, she belongs to my friend and Jonah loves her a lot.
This is her favourite sleeping place and she must be very sad as my friends recently got rid of this sofa….poor dog!!

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