I’m leaving soon..

.. well tomorrow, only problem is the big list of things to do that are not checked off, so this is what I have to finish today.
Matilda Jane is minus a sleeve and so far the button search has been fruitless, though I do have ribbon for the back. All the sewing of hems might be a long job though! AND I am kinda worried she might be a bit on the neat side, AND do I have time to wash and block her, not really! Just a little problem there!
Skirt to match MJ, finished apart from a little hand-sewing and cutting all the loose threads off.
Jacket, currently still in 2 layers, lining and wool have to be sewn together and one buttonhole done. I have a choice of buttons as I couldn’t make up my mind when I button shopped for the jacket so have 5 to choose from!

I also have to food shop/cook for today and tomorrow as Jim will be at work, not that I think my boys are capable of starving themselves to death, it just might keep the arguing down to a quiet roar.
See you when I get back, have a good weekend…tchao

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