wip’s as art

This weekend was spent trying to get the apartment back to normal after the holidays. The boys went back to school today, yipee, and I went back to french lessons, you know Monday morning really isn’t a good day for me to do anything too brain taxing, the grammer is killing me!!

So in preparation for my mum arriving, who did indeed come armed with cheddar and chocolate Hobnobs, I decided the amount of wips lying around needed to be dealt with. So the question is if you find a new resting place for the wip, does that make it art and therefore acceptable to be lying around the living room? Or is it still piles of wool and other crap that really need to be hidden away?

There were a couple of new bags that were just calling out to be used as knitting bags….

And a bowl that shows off the fairisle hat perfectly, I thought….

The fabric pile I did hide away in a drawer as really it is just a pile of fabric I was contemplating, it hasn’t decided what it wants to be yet, that is partly because I do not want to make anything to fit me right now as I seriously need to lose a little weight as most of my clothes are seriously not comfy anymore.
The bead pile has been put back on the shelf until next time.
Knitting Bee tomorrow, I can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to in the holidays, lots I hope.

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