Oh Crap!

Tomorrow is the 22nd December and things are still decidedly un-christmassy in this house.
I am not organised or packed and we leave tomorrow, I am only driving 20-30mins up the hill so I can come back for things I know that I will have forgotten but thats not really the point.
I, Me, Moi am not organised, you see this doesn’t happen, I am always organised at least in my head or on my list but not right now. The house is untidy, I have no idea what we are eating for christmas dinner and the shopping really needs to be done tomorrow morning or we might be having pasta!

Knitting, not much of that going on either, I found the missing sock this morning, Jim has lost his hat and scarf from last year, so I need to knit him a new one as its really cold outside, though still no snow! No sign of my Interweave yet so am really, really p’d off and I still haven’t found yarn for the fairisle from the fall issue. I want to knit Juno from the latest Rowan but don’t have yarn for that yet either. I’ll just have to knit myself another little shawl, I bought some Alpaca to match a shawl pin that Yvonne bought me for Christmas, lovely aqua colour so maybe that will cheer me up. I will be better by tomorrow, my Mum arrives to stay so now I just need to find a bag to pack my clothes in and I’m done.
So if you are someone I usually send a christmas card or present to then I apologise they are all still here, mostly not wrapped or written and nowhere near the queue at the Post Office.

I hope you all have a great holiday however you celebrate it, me I will be fighting off the dogs for a place on the sofa in front of the telly with my knitting, Merry Christmas………

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