Its December already!

Okay, I have no idea where this year has gone and now its December and I am soooo not organised for Christmas. I had my first sale this year on Thursday and it was a great night, but as usual the first one always takes me a little by surprise and I am always really worried about how it is going to go. So Thursday did see me running around like a headless chicken planning to finish oh so many more things than I had time for. I did finish up one more bag and sold it that night so that was good.

On the knitting front I just have the toe of the christmas socks to finish and the petrol coloured knitting has grown a little but still looks the same.
This morning was spent christmas shopping with 2 of the boys, though they were more interested in looking at clothes for them! So I still have lots to do, more list making is on the cards, talking of which I still haven’t made any christmas cards, later or tomorrow maybe and what am I going to take to wear in London, do I have time to make something new? Probably not…….

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