And Finally

A long, long time ago I was raiding my friends craft cupboard for some ribbon for a present when I came across some small pieces of fabric. The conversation went like this:

“When did you buy this?”
“Ages ago”
What are you going to do with it?”
“Don’t know”
“Can I have it?”
“Of course you can….if you make something for me with it!!”

And then a long time passed, there was a little piece of machine embroidery on one piece of fabric, a little piece of ribbon embroidery on another, I had found a nice floral and a couple of green ginghams to match. All the bag pieces were cut and most of them sewn together, then it was put in the project basket and covered up with other projects.

So when am I getting my bag then my friend asked, soon I promised.
Today she asked(nagged) me again, I said but its a spring bag, she said I don’t care it will match my new jacket. How she knows this without seeing what I have done with the fabric pieces, I don’t know.

So dearest nag, here is your finished bag, you do realise that now I have to get it packed and posted to you, thats always a problem!!!! You may have to wait a little longer…….

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