Today I received this in the post from Vicki,
this is my prize for being comment number
a lot, can’t remember what. What a fantastic prize,
thank you sooooo much, sock yarn,just my colours,
soap, smells great, a fabulous sheepy pin,so cute,
chocolate, sweets, hot chocolate AND a signed copy of
the Yarn Harlots book, amazing, thank you, thank you.

And so just for Vicki, photos of the fabric haul.

This is it all, looks like a jumble sale.

This is all the chintzs I will keep to make bags out of.

And this……..well all I can say is that they looks better in the photo
than in real life.

They are samples of really drab, 7o’s I think, prints, yucky horrible colour combinations, quite a few that were very nicely described as vomit coloured!

No knitting so far today, just playing with fabric and planning projects. I’m off to knit some sock, so that I can plan my next socks for me and eat some chocolate…hmmmmmm

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