Progress and a new bag

Well the socks are coming along slowly, I have finished one for my brother and the giant sock is well underway and might be finished tomorrow.

I sewed this bag at the weekend as a prototype, I am now going to try out, one a little smaller and one a little bigger to see how that works.

Today a friend of a friend called me to see if I wanted some fabric that she no longer wanted.
I was very near her house so went by to have a look. Unfortunately I had taken the bus into Grenoble so had no way of getting it home, I am going to pick it up tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the Grenoble Knitting Bee afternoon, this will be our second meeting and I am really looking forward to it.
For as long as I can remember my aunts have had a weekly knitting bee, my Dad has 6 sisters. I love being there, it gives me a real sense of belonging, they don’t all knit any more but there is usually something else going on too. (My Dad calls it the Gossip Bee)

Just to be part of a group of women who are all different but who have something in common and to know that there will usually someone who can answer your questions and fix your mistakes is very cool.
So I decided the Grenoble women needed to have a knitting group, so far we are pretty international and the styles of knitting are varied. This I love, I come from a family of “scottish” knitters, but I have to admit to using circulars more and more. So to study how other people knit I find fascinating. So far the Austrian, Hungarian, Australian and Danish section of the group knit continental but all with different ways of holding the wool, its great. The Irish, English and Scottish knit english, I have tried to knit continental but I think it is something I have to practice more as I found it much slower. We have one non-knitter in our group but that won’t last long she will be converted….soon!
Hey, why does my spell check want to replace knitters with janitors??

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