I know lots of sock knitters have this problem but I had decide by the end of this month I was going to be rid of all these orphan socks. Unfortunately this is not going to happen, partly because the turq/brown one is a new addition to the flock. Well I did finish a couple of others first and it was a special request from my friend but it now joins the ranks of lonely socks.

The 2nd green one is one its way, top down on 2 circs, which I have to say I am not really enjoying knitting this way, but it was good to try.
The 2nd blue one is stalled unfortunately someone broke my yarn mid sock leg and I am not sure about joining it, any suggestions?
The 2nd red/pink one is not even started, want to hasard a guess why? Would you check out the size of that thing, it could easily pass as a canoe cover and yes it does fit the recipient, No1 son! It is his birthday soon and he has requested that there might be a pair of socks by then so I really should get on to it.

So the 2nd photo is the reason for the desperation to finish all the pairs, this is the bowl of sock yarn and I want to knit with some of the new yarn, the patterns all have post it notes on and the gauge swatches are done and I am ready, except the orphans are making me feel too guilty to start something new, so no more distractions , like gorgeous new patterns.
The bowl in the photo did used to be the fruit bowl but as the fruit lives in the fridge I had to fill it with something, only problem is its getting to be a juggling act to keep it all in there!
Okay off to do my french homework, Tchao.

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